Dog Bite Lawyers in Ottawa and Kingston

Dog bites are usually unpredictable and unintended. Yet they happen on a daily basis. Research from the Canadian Safety Council shows that approximately 460,000 Canadians suffer from dog bites or attacks each year. Unfortunately, over half of these victims are children. Seniors and other vulnerable populations also tend to be victims.

Despite Safety Measures, Dog Bites Still Happen

Although Ontario has implemented leash and muzzle laws and entire breeds have been banned, dog bites and attacks still happen. These can result in injuries from minor to severe in nature, including

  Broken bones
  Facial injuries
  Nerve damage
  Psychological trauma


Injuries resulting from a dog bite or attack may not only be physical but also emotional, particularly in children. Emotional and psychological traumas can lead to long-term anxieties and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Why Dogs Bite

Dogs will protect the things that are important to them such as their food, toys, or offspring. They will also protect their personal spaces and that of their owners.

A child who may be reaching through a fence to pet a dog may confront a defensive — and biting — dog. A dog may feel defensive if they feel cornered or crowded. Elderly dogs may have vision or hearing impairments that may cause them to feel more defensive. In short, any dog is capable of biting a human.

Children Are the Most Common Victims

Owner Liability

When it comes to dog bites in Kingston or Ottawa, the owner of the animal is almost always held liable for the attack. This is regardless of whether the animal has had a prior history of biting or being aggressive or hasn’t or whether the owner is considered a good owner or not. An owner is still liable if he or she attempted to stop the bite or attack. Even if the owner is not present at the scene, the owner’s liability still holds. The only exception to this liability is if the victim was committing a criminal act on the property of the owner.


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, call the Ontario dog bite lawyers at Barapp Injury Law. Whether the dog bite or attack took place on public or private property, we have the experience to successfully bring a claim against the liable party. Call our office for a no-cost consultation to discuss your legal rights after a dog bite.