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Marc Tavernese is an accomplished Alberta lawyer with a Criminology degree from York University and a J.D. from Bond University. Specializing in civil, commercial and employment litigation, he's known for his expertise in both settlements and court advocacy. Marc's legal career spans from articling as a law student to working as an associate, where he's achieved significant success. Outside of work, Marc enjoys reading and playing golf, reflective of a well-rounded persona.

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About Marc Tavernese

Marc Tavernese received his Honours Criminology degree at York University and continued his legal education in Australia. After receiving his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Bond University and graduating with Distinction, Marc began advocating for clients in the Greater Toronto Region at a boutique litigation firm, first as an articling student and then as an associate.

Marc is a talented and personable advocate with substantive experience in civil and commercial litigation. He has handled several personal injury cases and helped clients achieve favourable results. With a strong desire to expand his practice and assist employers and employees alike, Marc received intense training in employment law and has successfully advocated in front of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Small Claims Court and the Ontario Provincial Offences Court on numerous occasions. Although Marc will push for a generous settlement, he also welcomes the opportunity to advocate in Court on behalf of his clients if the opposition is unwilling to settle outside of court.

In his spare time, you can usually find Marc doing some ‘light’ reading or working on his short game on the golf course.

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Looking for a versatile lawyer in civil, commercial or employment law in Alberta? Marc Tavernese is your go-to advocate. With a practical background and extensive courtroom success, Marc leverages sharp litigation skills and a strategic approach to settlements. He's ready to fight for your rights powerfully, whether through negotiation or in court. Marc's personable nature and comprehensive legal understanding make him a great asset in complex legal matters. For legal representation that combines expertise with a relentless determination to win, reach out to Marc Tavernese today.

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