Why Is It Essential To Track And Record All Your Medical Records And Expenses After An Accident?

You probably found that you were overwhelmed and flooded with all types of information (especially legal) after your personal injury accident. You were also probably collecting as much information as you could from the doctor who was treating you. You were talking with insurance companies and documenting their calls. Other items that you probably collected were receipts and various types of records.

Medical treatment often brings unpleasant and unforeseen/unexpected surprises. Medical treatment includes (but is not restricted to) prescription medicines, physical therapy, and other expenses. Additionally, you may forego income if you have to miss work because of illnesses or injuries/disabilities that you have sustained because of your accident.

You need to be organized when you’re tracking medical records and expenses. Remember that each record and bill/receipt that you keep will serve as good evidence when you’re filing your personal injury case/claim.You’ll also need thorough and accurate documentation if you want to receive long-term disability benefits. The records and bills/receipts will serve as evidence that will help strengthen the information in your long-term disability application.

If you want to get disability benefits you have to prove that your personal injury accident caused long-term disabilities that will keep you from working at the capacity that you could before your accident. You also have to prove that you’re receiving continuing medical treatment for your injuries/disabilities.

You have the option of filing a tort claim as well if your personal injury accident was caused by the defendant’s negligence. Many also refer to this as a lawsuit. You need to be organized if you want to do this well.

These are all of the reasons why you should hire good personal injury lawyers in Ottawa. You need to be disciplined and write your daily experiences in a journal each day. So, it helps if you pick a time each day that you’re going to sit down and write in your journal. Important things to note in your journal are symptoms. Be sure to document these in detail as you experience them.

How Can Medical Records Help You Prove Your Claim?

Pain and suffering and medical conditions after a personal injury accident can severely affect your quality of life. You may even end up going into poverty. Yes, you can get long-term disability benefits, but not until and unless you provide substantial evidence that your injuries and disabilities have affected your ability to work.

That’s why you need to hire a good personal injury lawyer in Ottawa. This professional can help you build a case that will win you the following:

● Benefits that were previously denied
● Future benefits payments
● Legal fees
● Damages to mental anguish and stress
● Punitive damages

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of the payments that you can get by having a good personal injury lawyer help you.