Why Contact Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident

After you meet with a car accident, it is important to step to notify about the incident to the insurance company. The insurance policy you hold is a agreement between you and the insurance company and decides the relationship. Because of your car insurance policy, the way you deal with that specific insurance company differs from that of other driver’s insurance companies in accident-related matters or claims.

If you’ve informed the insurance agent instead of company claims then make sure the date is noted and the report is submitted to the insurance company claims office. After your report submission, the insurance company claims department will issue a letter of confirmation to you. In case, you don’t receive it then directly contact the insurance claims department and ensure your report has been submitted or not. In case, you report the accident through mail or on their website then keep a copy of the submission report or correspondence regarding the accident details.

Your insurance company has rights like accessing the work and medical records and the chance to inspect your vehicle, reasonable cooperation from you, and damages that you take from the responsible third party. That is termed as “subrogation”.

There are various reasons you won’t file a claim against your insurance company except you have liability insurance coverage and an at-fault driver is held liable for the accident. You would file a claim with the at-fault driver insurer. If their insurance company is not willing to pay for the claim then you can contact a professional personal injury lawyer in Ottawa.

Right for Subrogation

The insurance company that you have signed up with has the right to subrogation and will send you a copy of the “Right of subrogation”. This means that the insurance company will recover the compensation amount it pays you under your policy after the accident from the at-fault driver or his insurance company or the individual held liable for the accident. In case, your insurance company pays for the car repair rather than you trying to settle the claim against the other driver, you won’t have the right to take again from the other driver’s insurance company and your insurance company will recover the amount from them.

The insurance company will just send you a notice about their legal right and sometimes you need to sign it indicating that you know about it. It is best to let your personal injury lawyer handle it as they are aware of the pressure tactics that such insurers use to lowball the settlement. Thus, trying to handle it all on your own will not work.