When Does It Make Sense For You To Handle A Personal Injury Claim On Your Own?

After an accident in which no one seemed seriously injured, the owner of an insured vehicle might try to deal with the insurance company, in the absence of any help from a lawyer. Would that be a wise move?

Why that might not be a wise move

As a personal injury case proceeds, the insurance company normally hopes that it can resolve the issue quickly. A quick end would be a plus for the insurance company, because the claimant would have to sign a release. Injury Lawyer in Kingston do not want any client signing a release until that same client has reached a point of maximum medical improvement. In the absence of a lawyer, a claimant might agree to settle at too early a point in the negotiation process.

A lawyer’s experience serves as a guide, when it comes time to decide on the ideal time for settling with the insurance company. A claimant does not have the same amount of experience.

Elements of a case that might grant some measure of wisdom to the act of attempting self-representation, when pursuing a personal injury claim

The claimant has no reason to expect a large reward. Cases for which a reward would be $20,000 or less should be decided in a People’s Court. The damages are obvious. All the involved doctors are in agreement, regarding the diagnosis for the claimant’s injury. The liability of the defendant has not been disputed. There are no legal issues that pertain to the liability of either party. The claimant stands ready to collect all the records and bills. The insurer expects to be provided with those items. Normally, an injury lawyer assumes the task of going after those particular papers.

The Reasons to Proceed with Caution

Carefully study the list of elements presented above, before moving ahead with any plans to attempt self-representation, after filing a personal injury claim. Be sure that you have a sound reason for believing that the damages are obvious. Use an extra amount of study, if the damaged vehicle had any occupants, other than the driver.

A child might have expressed discomfort. That could be a sign that some damage was done to some part of the child’s body. Watch for signs that suggest such a possibility, before you rule out the hiring of a lawyer.

Children can suffer problems such as a traumatic brain injury, but not show obvious symptoms until weeks or months after the injury-causing accident. With a lawyer’s help, you could be able to gain extra time, if you were able to produce evidence of a child’s injury. Time is money. Time would provide you with the ability to gather more evidence, perhaps in the form of medical reports.