What To Expect If You Have Been Bitten By A Pet Dog

There is not much chance that you will be held responsible for causing that frightening incident. All dog owners have been made responsible for controlling their pets. If a pet canine bites an innocent child or adult, settlements usually get handled by the pet owner’s homeowner insurance. In rare instances, a case gets settled in court.

Reasons why the victim of a dog bite might need to go to court:

Dog’s owner has no homeowner’s insurance. This would be the case, if you got bit by a dog-lover that lived in an apartment.

Owner of canine claims that the victim provoked his or her pet. If that plaintiff could prove that charge, the court would rule that the defendant must accept a lower figure for the expected compensation. The victim can hire the services of Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston if they feels that the dog owner’s insurance company has made an unfair offer.

Do not start thinking that a courtroom seems like a good place to fight for a fairer compensation. A judge and jury will hear testimony about each of the factors used to determine the amount of money that will be awarded to the victim that was the target of some dog’s teeth.

What are those factors?

How severe was the injury? If the victim did not seek medical attention as soon as possible, the court might decide that the injury was not at all serious.

Did the injury impair the function of some organ, system or appendage on the victim’s body?

Did the victim have to take time off from work? If the bitten person was self-employed, then the court would want evidence of the amount of money taken in by the victim’s business during a typical day.

How much insurance has been made available, in order to cover the victim’s expenses? It may be that the dog’s owner had no home owner’s insurance. Did the policy only cover attacks on a given piece of property?

Did the person that got bitten actually provoke the angry canine?

Steps to take if you get bitten by a pet canine:

• Seek medical help as soon as possible. If necessary, go to an emergency room.
• Get the name of the canine’s owner.
• Take notes, so that you can remember what happened.
• Take pictures of your injuries and of the spot where you were attacked/bitten.
• Get the names and contact information for any witnesses.
• File a report. The City can check to see if the attacking animal had received all of the required shots.
• Hire a lawyer. You will need legal counsel, if the owner suggests that you provoked the attack. You will also need legal help, if you must prove the size of your earnings from your own business.