What Is Motorcycle Road Rash?

Like many of the rashes that interfere with the lives of allergy sufferers, motorcycle road rash makes a sudden appearance on the skin. Still, it differs from the rash that signals a person’s predisposition to an allergic reaction. The biker’s rash highlights the vulnerable nature of dependence on a motorcycle, as a means of transportation.

Protections against motorcycle road rash:

At the moment there are no physical protections. Even a biker wearing the latest protective gear could find that this skin disfiguring condition has appeared in 1 or 2 unprotected spots. The best protection consists of following all the recognized safety practices, when traveling down the road or highway.

Complications associated with road rash:

• Infections
• Nerve damage: can be a complication in 3rd degree rashes
• Gross disfigurement
• Scarring
• Swelling

Each of these rashes can be assigned to a specific category.

1st degree: injury restricted to the outer layer of skin. The same layer has not been punctured, still it can produce a good deal of pain.
2nd degree: Skin swells and produces pain. It may scar after it heals. Still, someone with a 2nd degree rash has no punctured skin.
3rd degree: Tissues below skin’s outer and inner layers have been damaged. Affected biker demands immediate medical help. Same biker may require the grafting of tissue onto the skin’s inner and outer layers.

Biker with road rash should hire a personal injury lawyer.

The Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston-client team should direct their efforts at gaining a fair compensation for the injured motorcycle rider. If rider had to miss work, money for lost income should be part of the compensation package. If rider must be trained to handle the responsibilities of a new job, the length of the training should factor into a determination of the amount of income that the injured motorcyclist has lost.

If the rider’s rash leads to complications, and such complications force the removal of a limb, then that could limit the rider’s ability to go after any future jobs. Client and lawyer must keep track of all of the client’s medical expenses. Among those expenses is the cost of each trip to a doctor’s office, or to some other medical facility. When complications increase the number of medical costs, each new expense ought to be covered by the awarded compensation.

No matter its degree, this rash produces a good deal of pain. The injured client/biker should keep a journal, and record the extent to which such pain disrupts his or her activities. The lawyer might want to hire someone who can re-create the rash-causing accident. Such an expert could offer testimony that would be able to challenge any charge made by the lawyer representing the responsible driver.