What Is Meaning of Strict Liability In Dog Bite Case?

When a community operates according to the strict liability clause, all pet owners stand at risk for incurring liability, if their pet canine happens to bite someone. That would regulation would be enforced, even if the biting pet had never used its teeth as a weapon in the past.

How does strict liability differ from a one-bite law?

In a community that has chosen to enforce the one-bite law, a dog’s owner could not be held liable for the effects of a biting incident, unless the biting canine had previously carried out a bite-associated attack.

Not all states operate according to the one-bite law. For instance, dog owners could face a lawsuit any time that their 4-legged friend has decided to bite someone. That rule would apply both outside of the dog’s home, and inside of the same residence.

What factors would determine the amount of money that the dog’s owner might have to pay?

The location of the body part that was harmed by the attacker’s teeth: The victim of a bite on the face could ask more than someone that had been nipped on a knuckle, unless the latter individual made money by modeling his or her hands.

Had the owner’s actions demonstrated an attempt to control the pet? Evidence of such actions might convince a judge that the owner’s financial punishment should not be too great.

Had the canine attacked a child? That action would force the owner to hand over a large compensation package. However, if the child had been warned, but had ignored the warning, then the owner would be only partly at-fault.

Had the victim suffered PTSD as a result of the biting incident? Had he or she lost wages, while unable to work? A “yes” answer to either of those questions would suggest a good outcome for the victim/plaintiff, but not for the target of the lawsuit.

Had the owner failed to arrange for a veterinarian to give the animal all of the required shots? If the answer to that question were to take the form of a “yes,” then the same owner would pay a stiff price for his or her negligence, as per personal injury lawyer in Ottawa.

Why was the victim close to the spot that had become the canine’s quarters? Owners are supposed to control their pets, when a technician has made a service call.

Some owners must pay punitive damages, if their canine was sufficiently vicious.

Possible punishments for an owner

—Community service
—Take a mandatory training class
—Denied right to have a dog for 2-3 years

Possible punishment for any vicious canines

—No longer has permission to enjoy any of community’s dog parks or dog beaches
—Must be put down

It is important to work with a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa to ensure that you get justice and the entitled compensation.