What Gets Covered By Adding Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

The coverage promised in some provisions of a car insurance policy declare the amount of money available as reimbursement for a given loss.

Coverage provided by an underinsured motorist provision

It could cover more the claimant to an extent that exceeds the limits on the responsible driver’s policy. That could encourage an extension of negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company, even after a claim has been settled.

It could help the claimant to obtain added money from his or her own insurance company. That assumes that the claimant has purchased the underinsured motorist provision. Still, the money provided to cover the claimants’ medical bills has the ability to force a deduction from that added money.

What could happen in the absence of an underinsured motorist provision?

If the limits on the responsible driver’s policy were to fall below the costs created by the claimant’s accident-related injuries, the claimant would receive only the limited amount allowed by the responsible driver’s policy. The victim of a catastrophic collision would lack the ability to obtain a sufficient level of coverage.

How can a policy holder collect the money that has been promised by the underinsured motorist coverage?

After the accident, the claimant must show his or her car insurance company that the other driver was underinsured. That proof can take the form of letter. The letter should spell out the policy limits, as stated in the other driver’s policy. The letter must also contain evidence that the claimant has now settled with the other driver’s insurance company.

Those 2 proofs would demonstrate existence of a certain situation, namely the sort of situation that the added provision (for underinsured coverage) was supposed to guard against. The policy holder should not get cheated of a fair compensation, when the responsible driver has low limits on his or her insurance policy.

If a policy holder could show an insurance company that he or she would be unfairly compensated, that same policy holder could have a way to make up for the unfair compensation. That method would force a reliance on money from underinsured motorist coverage, if the claimant/accident victim had purchased such coverage.

This approach differs from uninsured motorist protection, in calling for proof of the limits on the other driver’s policy. Injury Lawyer in Kingston knows that a police report can confirm the absence of a proof of insurance from the responsible driver at the scene of an accident.

In other words, the police report takes on the function of the letter with the facts about the limits on the other driver’s policy. Hence, the claimant needs to take on an added responsibility, if he or she has paid for the added protection, as defense against the possible underinsured driver.