What Are The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of motorcycle fatalities resulting from motorcycle accidents. The statistics speak the truth:

● Motorcyclists may have accounted for 3% of registered vehicles on the road in 2019. That said, they accounted for 14% of traffic deaths that year. This is according to the latest information by the NHTSA. Approximately 84,000 motorists were hurt in motorcycle accidents that year.
● There are inherent risks that come with riding a motorcycle. That said, you can minimize these risks by riding defensively and wearing a helmet.

You’re about to learn about the most common types of motorcycle accidents. Hopefully, you’ll also learn how to avoid them.

Cars making left-hand turns

Unfortunately, accidents between motorcyclists and cars making left-hand turns are not unheard of. They also tend to be deadly. The NHTSA reported that half of all fatalities between a car and a motorcycle three years ago occurred when a car was making a left turn.

Cars that tend to make left turns often get into accidents with motorcyclists in intersections, the most common cause of these accidents are:

● Distracted drivers
● Low visibility
● Speeding

Drivers have to give oncoming traffic the right of way when they (the drivers) are making a left turn. This is called giving the traffic the right of way.


When motorcyclists hit other vehicles or objects, moving or parked, the consequences tend to be deadly.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions account for a good chunk of motorcycle accident fatalities. These are dangerous because of their nature and because of the fact that motorcyclists aren’t protected in the front as other drivers are.

Road hazards

Irregular and uneven road surfaces or obstacles in the road can and do cause fatal motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are more vulnerable because they’re smaller.

Motorcycle lane splitting

Lane splitting by motorcyclists causes accidents partly because it’s dangerous. However, the main cause of accidents is that drivers don’t anticipate these motorcyclists and therefore, they may make the appropriate moves to late.

Risky behavior

Driving while under the influence- Almost one-third of all motorcycle crashes occurred when the riders were drunk or buzzed.

Failure to wear a helmet- About 37% of motorcycle fatalities occur because the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet.

After the accident

Make sure that you hire a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa to represent you after you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident. Most of the accident policies cater to cover the medical treatment for the injuries and that is why you need to claim damages for the injuries and property loss.