What All Drivers Should Know About Underside Accidents

An underside accident usually takes place on a highway. All or part of the body of an automobile becomes covered by a truck’s trailer at the moment of a car-truck collision.

During what sort of collision might such sliding action take place?

If a car were to hit the rear of a truck’s trailer, it might slide under that same structure.If a large truck were to venture out of its lane, it might cover all or part of a vehicle in the adjoining lane. In other words, the underside accident would happen during a side collision.

Why do injuries sustained during such an incident tend to be quite severe?

• The car might get crushed by the trailer’s weight.
• The trailer might drag the covered automobile for quite a distance.
• The location of the trailer’s impact with the hit car could prove significant. The location of that impact might match with the level of a driver’s or passenger’s head or upper body.

What evidence could suggest that the driver was responsible for the accident?

• Evidence of faulty taillights on the truck’s trailer
• Complaints about slow driving, as caused by actions that were taken by the person sitting behind the steering wheel in the cab.
• Support for a claim that the driver forgot to use the turn signal, before slowing and starting to turn.
• Evidence that the driver failed to use reflective triangles, after being forced to make a stop on the highway.
• Evidence that the driver had failed to remain in whatever lane he or she had chosen.
• Evidence of the driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign or at a red light.

Issuance of a ticket could strengthen the message attached to discovered evidence. For instance, other drivers might report reckless driving by someone else in a cab that was attached to a trailer. Alternatively, someone in such a cab might get charged with a DUI, as per a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa.

What evidentiary material could suggest that a trucking company might be held responsible for the underside accident?

Papers that reveal the amount of training received by the truck’s driver, before he/she got a chance to sit in and steer the cab. Each trucking company is expected to arrange for completion of a certain amount of training by each person that aspires to join the ranks of the drivers.

Literature that explains the nature of the material taught to trained drivers. The training should cover specific topics, and should do so thoroughly. Any documents that might suggest the absence of quality training could be pointed-to as evidence that the trucking company had shirked its responsibility. Such negligence could be used to make the examined company responsible for the underside accident.