Should You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Someone that has been injured in an accident has the right to submit a claim with the insurance company of the person that caused the same accident. Some claimants elect to file a personal injury lawsuit, as well. Does that second approach guarantee an enjoyment of rewards, or does it simply invite the threat of added risks?

Risks associated with filing a lawsuit

The decision of the jury remains unknown. On the other hand, the insurance company makes a known offer, during the negotiations that can lead to a settlement.

Some of the reward money will need to go towards the payment of litigation costs. Claimants cannot tell ahead of time the exact cost of an effort that involves going to court. A few families do not want to become involved in a lawsuit, because they hope to appear prepared to use their insurance company, in order to deal with the effects of any accident. In their mind, involvement in a lawsuit could put their reputation at risk.

Rewards enjoyed by claimants that file a lawsuit

Even before any one of them becomes a plaintiff, he or she has the ability to access legal advice from a lawyer. The hired lawyer might uncover an aspect of the reported claim that had not been fully explored. Even before any one of them has become a plaintiff, each of them has demonstrated an awareness of the legal process, along with a desire to obtain a fair settlement.

When a plaintiff has won a case, because an accident victim has faced the defendant in a courtroom, that same plaintiff does not have to sign any release. That approach contrasts with the result of a settlement. After a claimant has agreed to a settlement, then he or she must sign a release.

The signed release frees the insurance company of fears that it might have to deal with claims of injury-related complications. Insurance companies try to settle as quickly as possible, in hopes of obtaining that signed release form. Lawyers caution their clients against agreeing to settle, before having reached the stage of maximum medical improvement (MMI). Only at that stage can any injured victim feel relatively certain that he or she will not develop any complications.

Claimants that file a lawsuit with the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston, do not have to worry about the chances for the occurrence of such complications. Instead, each of them stands ready to deal with the expenses that might result from the appearance of any complicating factors. Each of them is ready for the possibility, because each of them has hired a lawyer. Lawyers can ask for an extension of the statute of limitations. Moreover, lawyers know how to fight for their clients.