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As a consumer, we should be able to have confidence that the products we use are safe. Yet every year, thousands of Canadians are injured due to defective or dangerous products. Some of these products have even resulted in fatality.

When an unsuspecting consumer has been injured by a faulty product or a product lacks warning labels, the at-fault party can be held liable for those injuries. At Barapp Injury Law,  we have decades of experience representing claims for product liability in Ottawa, Kingston, and throughout Ontario and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

The Difficult Task of Ensuring Product Safety

Throughout Canada, we have consumer groups that have been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that our products are safe. But each year, products slip by and harm unsuspecting consumers.

With the vast amount of goods that are produced outside our country and imported, it becomes even more difficult to ensure the safety of products that are being sold. Some of these manufacturing processes and standards fall far below what we consider safe here in Canada. Even goods that are produced in Canada and North America have been subjects of product liability claims.

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Some examples of these have been:

  Child and baby items
  Prescription medications
  Over the counter medications
  Automobiles and parts
  Food products


When consumers are at risk and sustain injuries due to these products, many parties along the production and marketing line may be held liable. These can include:

  • Failure to warn/Advertising

    Marketing materials or product labels may lack important information that the consumer needs in order to use the product safely. These can be warnings or potential side effects.
  • Design

    Defects in the way a product is designed
  • Manufacturing

    Defects that have occurred during the manufacturing process, assembling or packaging. With a manufacturing defect, an isolated batch or an entire product line may be affected.

Many Points of Liability

Product liability can be complicated as it may be found at multiple points along the production, packaging, or marketing chain of a product. The defect may be the fault of the designer, the manufacturer, the distributer, the supplier, the marketing team, the wholesaler, or the retailer.

A product liability claim may be filed on its own or as part of a class action lawsuit if it is found that a large number of people have been injured as the result of the same product in the same way.

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For decades, the legal team at Barapp Injury Law has pursued claims for product liability in Ottawa, Kingston, and throughout Ontario and recovered compensation for the victims of faulty and dangerous products. If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty product, let us protect your legal rights.


Call us for a no-cost consultation if you have been injured by a dangerous product. case of liability, negligent manufacturers, etc., will try to place the blame on the consumer. This is when having legal representation is critical.