Playing It Safe At Your Favorite Water Park

One of the many summer activities that Canadian families enjoy is cooling off at their favorite water parks. While this is a great way to cool off during the summer heat, it does come with certain inherent risks. While these risks involve accidents or injuries, they are not always attributed to unsafe equipment. In fact, statistics have clearly shown that only 4% of water park injuries are caused by equipment malfunctions while the other 96% are caused by the behavior of those using the park for summer fun. Irrespective of the reason why the accident happened, you maybe entitled to compensation and damages. Thus, after you have received the requisite medical aid, it is best to consult with the personal injury lawyer in Ottawa to help judge the merits of your case.

Be aware of the Rules

Every water park has signs posted explaining behavior when visiting the facility. These signs are posted to ensure the visitor’s comfort and safety during the time spent there. In many instances these signs serve as a warning for the dangers and risks involved with specific activities and/or water slides. In addition to explaining these rules to your children, this is also the perfect time to show them where first aid stations are located should they get separated from you or get injured. It helps to stay safe and aware of the surroundings when you or your family is in a public place.

Safety Tips

In order to ensure that your next visit to a water park is safe and enjoyable one, here are a few safety tips that will keep you free from injury and out of trouble:

• First and foremost, DON’T RUN! Since water is the key element of these facilities, you can expect every surface that you walk on to be wet and most likely slippery. Be sure not to run on these surfaces, especially around slide landing areas and when exiting any pool.

• Know you and your children’s limitations. If you or any of your children are not strong swimmers or haven’t learned how to swim, don’t go into pools where the water level is above your head. Otherwise, wear a life jacket and be sure you know where lifeguards are located.

• Obey the rules posted about diving. The pools around slide landing areas are not deep enough to dive into. So, you should always know how deep the water is before diving in.

If you or a family member sustains injuries at a water park, you might want to consider talking with a personal injury lawyer. Ensure that they have the right experience in handling similar claims in the past and can help you with your case.