How To Show Liability of Other Driver?

If the evidence were to support an allegation of liability against a certain driver, then that same driver would have to carry the burden of fault. In other words, he or she would be blamed for the accident. The liable motorist must cover the cost of the damages.

Steps to take at accident site, in order to strengthen a charge of liability against the other driver

Call police: This increases the chances that the arriving officers will hear both sides of the story. It also demonstrates a concern for the health and safety of those that were involved in the on-road incident. Collect that name and contact information for all the involved drivers, and for any witnesses: If some driver lacks access to his/her license, then ask to see any other form of identification.
Take pictures: Photograph the site from more than one angle. Photograph vehicle damage and visible injuries, as well. Make sure that you can get a copy of the police report: Get the name or badge number for the officer that has arrived at the scene. Ask about the location of the station at which the same officer should be handing-in his/her report.
Seek medical attention: If you do not accomplish this task immediately after the collision, make sure to visit a doctor’s office, an emergency room or a clinic within the next 24 hours.

Steps to take upon arriving back at your residence, following involvement in car accident.

These steps, like the others should help to strengthen any charge of liability against the other driver. Report accident to insurance company. Sit down with pen and paper, and start recording everything that you can recall about the events that led up to the accident, and the events that took place during that same incident.

Document vehicle damage; cooperate with any effort by insurance company to study the documented damage.

Contact witnesses: You have the right to tell any witness that he/she does not have to speak with the adjuster in the defendant’s insurance company. You do not have a right to direct the witness, regarding what he/she ought to say to anyone.

Revisit scene of accident and take pictures: Also check to see if there is a video camera in the area, one that is focused on the collision site. If you happen to speak with any residents of that area, get their names and contact information, as per injury lawyers in Ottawa.

Research traffic laws

Submit an insurance claim: This does not have to contain detailed information on your injuries. You could indicate your intentions, regarding treatment. Most of the details about any injury or course of treatment should be saved for inclusion in a demand letter, which you should write later.