How To Get The Most From A Personal Injury Claim Following A Car Accident

Insurance adjusters try to limit the amount of money that gets paid to a particular claimant. In contrast to that, smart claimants work to obtain the best settlement possible that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case.

The multiple steps in the claims process

• Learn about any complaints from passengers or from anyone involved in the accident.
• Notify the police
• Drivers exchange their contact information, and the information on their insurance companies.
• Drivers take pictures of the damage and of features present at the site of the incident. Take note of the weather and the road conditions.
• Get immediate medical help. Later, be sure to follow the doctor’s orders.
• Contact your own insurance company; contact the insurance company of the other driver.

Expect the adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company to inspect the damaged vehicle. That inspection helps to determine whether or not the adjuster’s boss, the insurer, will honor your claim.

Mistakes that must be avoided at various points in the claims process

Assuming that you are not injured. You could have a hidden injury. Make sure to see a doctor. Assuming that others in the vehicle do not have serious injuries. That means paying attention to any complaints from younger passengers. If a child has any symptoms that are associated with a serious injury, then that fact could become grounds for asking that the statute of limitations be extended.

Agreeing to give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. A claimant should always speak with a lawyer before agreeing to take such an action.

Authorizing an insurer to access all of your employment information or all of your medical records. Only authorize access to those things that are relevant to your case.

Sharing information about the accident with friends or family members by means of a social media network.

Sharing pictures that have been taken of you, as you recover from your injuries. Insurance companies hire investigators that spend their time studying the pictures that have been posted on various social media networks.

Hesitating to hire a lawyer, if you reach what seems to be an impasse. Recall what was said at the beginning of this article. Adjusters try to limit the amount of money that gets paid to any one claimant. Claimants that do not fight for their rights fail to receive a fair compensation.

Injury Lawyers in Ottawa caution their clients against agreeing to negotiate before each injured person has reached the stage of maximum medical improvement. If necessary, a lawyer should know how to seek an extension of the statute of limitations. If the injured victim happened to be a teenager or a child, the statute could be extended until that victim reached the age of 18. New and significant symptoms might appear.