How Personal Injury Lawyer Assists Your Accident Claim?

While many people, perhaps even you, would be flummoxed to think of their personal injury lawyer as their friend, this is true because the lawyer works closely with them and is on their side in terms of winning the personal injury lawsuit, they want to win in court. However, this notwithstanding, most people find their first meeting with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kingston to be very intimidating. You do not need to be one of these people if you know the following.

Meeting your personal injury lawyer

Your initial meeting can be unnerving. This is because you will feel anxious when you meet your lawyer for the first time. But you should know that your first meeting with legal counsel can actually be an informative provided you do the following:

● Organize all necessary and relevant personal information in a box or large file folder. This will make it easy for your lawyer to find any and all information he or she will need to help you craft a strong lawsuit that will win in court.

● You need to include a government issued photo of yourself that would be recognized in court. This is because your lawyer needs to know who you are at a personal level if he or she is going to craft the lawsuit that will help you win a settlement in court. Good examples of this type of identification are a driver’s license or your social security card. In addition to being official and government-issued, these forms of identification also contain your complete personal contact details and your date of birth.

● Include pay stubs or any official proof of employment. This will be necessary if your lawyer wants to bring a workers’ compensation lawsuit on your employer. Your lawyer will need full access to your current and past employment history including positions held and responsibilities/duties assumed.

● Official information about close relatives and friends. Examples of people you want to have complete information on include your spouse and children. The information should tell your lawyer about their complete legal names, birth dates, addresses (if you don’t live with them), and other contact information.

● Provide full details regarding the accident that you are building your lawsuit around. This includes the date on which the accident occurred, the time of the accident, the location, and the responsible party.

More information you need to include

The information mentioned above is not an exhaustive list of documents you need to show your personal injury lawyer at your first meeting with him or her, however, it is a good start. If you work with a talented and experienced personal injury lawyer, he or she will guide you regarding the other necessary information you will need to include in your personal injury lawsuit.