How Insurance Coverage Contributes To Determination of Costs

After 2 or more vehicle have collided, the role played by each driver’s car insurance depends on who was at fault and what kind of coverage each driver has purchased.

Any victim of an accident should learn the relevant information at the site of that same incident.

• Name of each involved driver
• Insurance company for each of the involved drivers; the policy number for each of those same drivers
• The name of the policyholder, if it is not the driver
• The name of the vehicle’s owner
• The driver’s employer, if involved motorist were carrying out assignment for employer

Smart victims always contact their insurance company.

That is a sign of good faith. If a policyholder has demonstrated evidence of good faith, then he or she deserved to be a recipient of actions that show good faith by the insurance company. Insurance companies demonstrate good faith towards their policyholders when each of these policyholders has received any payout that he or she deserved.

There are other ways that the insured victim of an accident could display good faith towards his/her insurance company

—Helping to obtain useful evidence
—Agreeing to cooperate with reasonable requests

Victims that feel some request from their insurance company does not seem reasonable should consult with and hire an attorney. Otherwise, the coverage that might be granted to them could be costly. A smaller than anticipated payout could get made after the signing of a release form. That would free the insurer of the need to cover the costs created by future medical problems, those that were linked to the accident.

Under what circumstances might an accident victim receive a smaller than anticipated payout?

Those circumstances could play out after a policyholder has made a 1st party claim. For instance, maybe the policyholder had purchased an uninsured motorist option, and had been rear-ended by an uninsured driver.

If there had been another vehicle in front of the rear-ended automobile, then the driver that felt the impact from the rear might not be able to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front of him/her. If an occupant of that 3rd vehicle were injured, then that injured occupant might try to get money from the company that had issued the uninsured motorist option.

That list of possible events suggests how insurance coverage could contribute to a determination of costs. A smart policyholder would hire a personal injury lawyer in Kingston, in order to fight for fair compensation. Unfortunately, not all accident victims pay for access to legal guidance.

Some of them end up accepting a payout that is much too low. Moreover, each of them must sign a release form, and forego the chance to seek further coverage.