Factors That Greatly Affect The Chances For Car Accident In Ontario

No driver in Ontario has the power to eliminate the factors that work to create the level of risk for various car accidents. Still, each motorist that travels down one of Ontario’s streets or highways can strive to limit the level of that particular risk.

Factors that work to increase the likelihood of an accident:

One factor is the number of inexperienced drivers on the road. An experienced driver tends to commit fewer errors. Fortunately, traffic laws force a majority of drivers with limited experience to stay off the roads at night. During the day, all motorists should focus on driving defensively.

Some drivers are in a hurry. A speeding vehicle is always a danger. Do not add to the number of speed-crazy motorists on the road by trying to race against a speeding vehicle.

Drivers that have become distracted invite the occurrence of an accident. Each driver has a task to do. He or she should stay focused on that task. Do not text or talk on your cell phone; do not adjust any devices in your car while you are driving. Still, it is OK to use a hands-free phone, to eat, smoke or speak with a passenger while driving.

Stress can increase chances for the development of road rage. An enraged motorist represents a danger on the streets and highways.

How motorists’ habits can limit the number of car accidents in Ontario?

A driver can reduce the number of reasons that he or she might have for choosing to play with any of the devices in a given motor vehicle. For example, the GPS can get programmed before a planned trip. In addition, an auto response should be placed on the driver’s cell phone.

A driver’s ability to avoid an accident depends to some extent on the proper positioning of the rear and side view mirrors. Still, the driver’s hands need to be on the steering wheel, as the driven vehicle travels down the road. That fact highlights the need to make adjustments before starting out on any trip.

Finally, the fact that drivers should feel free to eat and drive does not mean that it makes sense to purchase large and bulky items, when stopping at a take-out restaurant. Instead, study the menu and order some simple fare.

Naturally, Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa knows that one rule never changes: Do not get it the driver’s seat if you have consumed lots of alcohol. Today, when marijuana use and opioid use is on the rise, another rule must be added to that old one: Do not get behind the steering wheel if you are under the influence of any mind-bending drug or medication. Stay calm and comfortable, seek to remain free from stress.