What Happens To Motorcyclists Who Don’t Wear A Helmet?

The car has long been a symbol of freedom and independence. This is even more true with the motorcycle. Many motorcycle riders love to show off their bike riding skills by being bold. This sometimes includes not wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, they can get into bad accidents. If you are wondering what happens from a legal standpoint, you can read this article and discuss it further with a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa. […]

Is The Homeowner Responsible For Clearing The Snow On Sidewalks?

Wintertime is such a pleasant time of the year to think about. However, wintertime does have a dangerous downside – snow on sidewalks. You may be tempted to leave the snow lying idle on your sidewalk, after all, isn’t that the municipality’s responsibility? Your personal injury lawyer will inform you though that the municipality of Kingston is increasingly holding homeowners responsible for clearing snow on their sidewalks. This article will explain this in more detail. […]