Why Is It Essential To Track And Record All Your Medical Records And Expenses After An Accident?

You probably found that you were overwhelmed and flooded with all types of information (especially legal) after your personal injury accident. You were also probably collecting as much information as you could from the doctor who was treating you. You were talking with insurance companies and documenting their calls. Other items that you probably collected were receipts and various types of records. […]

Who Should Be Target of Crash Victim’s Lawsuit?

Before any crash victim would have reason to ask about who could be the target of a lawsuit, he or she should understand this fact: Submitting a crash claim to an insurance company is not the same as initiating a lawsuit. Furthermore, the filing of a lawsuit does not require pursuit of an effort to sue a selected business or person. […]

What To Do If Your Injuries Don’t Show Up For A While After An Accident?

Any car accident is traumatic since two large objects are hitting each other at a huge speed and with a great amount of force. Remember that you can still suffer from extensive and serious bodily injuries even if you were involved in a minor car accident. It’s because injuries can take a while to show up. […]