Advice On Reporting An Accident To Your Insurance Company

Following an accident’s occurrence, if the other driver has expressed an interest in filing a claim, be sure to contact your own insurance company just as soon as possible.

Is there a deadline for contacting your own insurance company?

Some companies do mention a deadline in the terms of their policy. Still, no policyholder can be denied coverage for contacting the insurance company at a later point in time. Smart claimants wait no more than 72 hours, before contacting their own insurance company.

What facts should the policyholder share with the contacted insurance company?

• Indicate whether or not there were any injuries
• Indicate whether or not there was an extensive level of property damage.

If policyholder were calling a provider of homeowner’s insurance, then the significant facts would relate to any injuries that had been suffered by a guest or visitor.

Sometimes a policyholder must file a 1st party claim. In that case, what facts should be shared with the insurance company?

• Your own company should know the details surrounding the accident.
• It should also learn the names of the drivers that were involved.
• You could give your version of what happened.
• Indicate whether or not there were any witnesses.
• Explain the nature and extent of any property damage.

If a claimant were speaking with the adjuster at the insurance company of the responsible party, then it would be best to limit the amount of information that was shared with that same adjuster. Try to keep that fact in mind, if you ever receive a call from the adjuster at an insurance company that is not your own.

How to make sure that efforts made to contact your insurance company have not gone unnoticed?

If personal injury lawyer in Ottawa have spoken with your agent, ask for him or her to share the reported information with the claim’s office. Say that you hope to receive written confirmation of that fact. Wait and see if you do get a letter that confirms the completion of your request, the delivery of the reported facts, regarding the accident, to the claims’ office. If you find that you do not receive such a letter, then make a point of calling the claims office yourself.

What could happen if you did not report an accident?

The other party might file a claim with your insurance company. Then your insurer would learn that you had failed to adhere to all the terms in your contract. It is best to avoid the chance for having to deal with such a situation. Your insurer would wonder why you had failed to report the incident that had led to submission of the claim. The insurer might question your version of what happened.