Basic Facts About Third Party Claims For Vehicle Damage

The victim of a car accident could file a 3rd party claim if 2 things were true:

1) The insured driver was partially at-fault for the accident’s occurrence, or for the accident-linked injury; and
2) the driver’s insurance policy included liability coverage for both injuries and property damage. […]

Actions To Take If At Fault Driver Has Run From Scene of Accident

The driver that has no information on the at-fault party can still carry out effective actions.

Suggested actions for drivers that are unable to exchange contact information with the at-fault party

• Try to get the license number of the at-fault party’s vehicle
• Call the police and report the accident
• Locate any witness, and obtain the contact information from that same witness
• Call your insurance company
• Consult with an injury attorney in Ottawa
• Go to the hospital […]