How Could Negotiations Lead To Settlement of Injury Claim?

The negotiation process is similar to the act of bargaining with a car dealer, when purchasing an automobile. Both parties recognize the vehicle’s worth, but each has doubts about the other party’s intentions.

The buyer knows how much he/she is willing to pay; the seller knows what price the dealership wants for the offered vehicle. During the claim’s process, the accident victim has the role of seller, and the adjuster has the role of buyer. […]

Highlighting Why Most Personal Injury Cases End With Out-of-Court Settlement

Although there are some accident victims that actually relish the chance to seek revenge on the allegedly responsible party, most of them opt for pursuit of compensation by means of an out-of-court settlement. That choice reflects a victim’s ability to recognize both the benefits and drawbacks to utilization of the litigation process. […]

Determination of Fault Following Accident On Stairway

The property owner could be the one to blame, but the facts might indicate that a different individual was the one at-fault.

Questions that would relate to the property owner

Did that owner cause the accident?
Did the owner cause the condition that contributed to the accident’s occurrence?
Was the owner aware of the dangerous condition? […]