How Insurance Adjusters Proceed After Insurer Has Assigned Them A Claim

Insurance adjusters have 2 objectives, after learning that another claim has been added to all the other claims that are in their file. First, each of them wants to have the insurance company making a payout that is a low as possible. Second, each of them hopes to avoid the threat of a personal injury lawsuit, with the insurance company being the target of such a lawsuit. […]

Key Step In Effort To Win Slip And Fall Claim

If you were injured in a fall, you might plan to file a personal injury claim. Do you appreciate the extent to which the liability question will apply to your claim? Are you ready to say who should be held liable for your injuries? Can you claim that there was a demonstration of negligence on the part of the property owner, or the person that was controlling the property? […]

Costs Suffered By Accident Victims That Fail To Hire Personal Injury Lawyer

The accident victim that seeks fair compensation for his or her injuries must deal with an insurance adjuster. That is someone that has extensive experience in an area that relates to personal injury law. The typical victim has no such experience, and could benefit from hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa. […]