The Significance of The Statute of Limitations

The laws that have established the statute of limitations within a given judicial district go largely unnoticed by the citizens that do not have much contact with members of the legal community. Sometimes, those individuals with a personal injury claim discover too late the significance of the statute of limitations. […]

The Effect of Residual Injuries On The Value of An Injury Claim

A long-lasting or permanent injury is called a residual injury. Why do such injuries affect the value of an injury claim? Any such medical problem could impact the victim’s life for a prolonged period of time. The level of the injury’s seriousness determines the extent of its impact. […]

Should You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Someone that has been injured in an accident has the right to submit a claim with the insurance company of the person that caused the same accident. Some claimants elect to file a personal injury lawsuit, as well. Does that second approach guarantee an enjoyment of rewards, or does it simply invite the threat of added risks? […]